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Clear, Cutting-edge, Correct medical facts for your Success and Joy in Health, Mind, and Spirit!
AskDrCarr® delivers Ivy League quality clarity to cutting edge facts on medical and mental illness topics for your success and joy in Health, Mind, and Spirit!
AskDrCarr® is an educational service of GREAT LIFE 4 YOU Holdings Corporation that researches and explains current medical, psychological, and success topics with a focus on health and mental fitness.
The research mission of AskDrCarr® is to help guide you to your success and joy through Health, Mind, and Spirit.
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Dr. J. Carr was one of the team leaders that volunteered initial guidance and wisdom to the business model of AskDrCarr® , a consortium that brings a wealth of knowledge from contributors who received education at Ivy League colleges.

Joel R. Carr, DO, MPH, MBA
Dr. J. Carr, U.S. veteran

Dr. Carr was an alumnus of two Ivy League colleges (Harvard and Johns Hopkins), holding a doctorate in Osteopathic Medicine, a Master of Business Administration, and a Master of Public Health.

Dr. Carr was also a U.S. veteran.

Thus, became the vision of the AskDrCarr® to primarily serve U.S. veterans, specifically INTERNATIONALLY-located veterans who struggle with limited access to BOTH local and U.S. supports.

The fully developed team is molded on this AskDrCarr® model.

The team is thoroughly qualified to research and write about important topics of health and mental fitness, achieving personal success and joy, general medicine, psychiatry, psychology, and public health.


AskDrCarr® offers two premium membership levels:

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AskDrCarr® Insider membership gives readers special access to more cutting-edge, detailed analysis of the posts introduced briefly on the AskDrCarr® website as a public service to the general audience.


AskDrCarr® UpDate™ Platinum membership is the ULTIMATE way to get YOUR cutting edge information.


You first get the Newsletter announcement, then the news update posts on AskDrCarr® UpDate™ Platinum before the detailed analysis reaches posts within AskDrCarr® Insider.

REMEMBER, Platinum members get AskDrCarr® UpDate™ Platinum membership and the AskDrCarr® UpDate™ Newsletter, a cutting edge report direct to your inbox!

Either membership you choose, you WILL enhance YOUR success and joy!

Membership discounts (FREE) to the premium services are available to international FMP veterans who can demonstrate registration with the FMP, Commander’s proof of membership with their international VFW or a confirmation message from their Embassy’s Retirement Service Officer.

Partial discounts to the AskDrCarr® Insider membership are also available on a case-by-case basis for individuals who are NOT FMP veterans, but provide Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) documentation.


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